Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014


Is this blog confusing to you? I mean, I've almost entirely abandoned the "letters from end consumer" concept. Should I return to that concept or change name of blog?

Or does it not matter?

Happy day

Just got a mail from my publisher saying my next book is officially accepted. It's not completed yet but they want it. So happy.

Next step: scoring an illustrator. It's really the publisher that does this part but I get to suggest names. It's fun.

This book will focus on a character very similar to Niki, our youngest.

never walk alone

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Every now and then I mix English and Swedish here and I understand thats's confusing. No more of that. This will be only English. All Swedish posts will be here

Startar ny blogg på svenska här:

On publishing a book.

Recent studies show that a writer spends exactly the same amount of time (or more) as it took to write it, just thinking about the book and hoping for its success.

Oh book, hope you manage on your own. Hope children will find you and read you and make you part of their lives and homes.

Am about to try to find an Anglo publisher.
Any advice? Jenny, hoping for your contact of course, but just in case they're not interested.

My book is about 8-year old Simon who wants a pet more than anything but since his parents are so against pets (horrible people) he goes for the next best thing - a carnivorous plant.